Life gets busy – You might be out of town for work one week, and lacking the motivation to drive to the gym after work the next. Or maybe you’re just not a fan of the gym environment at all. You wouldn’t be alone there! These are just some hints that it might be time to consider getting yourself a suspension trainer.


I like to throw it in my duffel bag or luggage for any length of trip. Whether I am going for a weekend at the cottage or accross the country for business. Just find a solid tree trunk, a door frame, or use your imagination with any solid overhead object you can attach it to. Best of all, you can turn just about any door frame in your house into
your own personal gym!


Watch a gymnast on the rings. Looks easy, but give it a try. Suspension training develops those key stabalizing muscles and will increase your full body strength. With such a wide variety of exercises provided by a suspension trainer. Not only will you be able to get a great workout for each and every muscle, you can also switch up your training to keep your routine fresh and exciting.

Take a look at our basic Suspension training exercise tutorials here and check out my Suspension trainer program for a complete guide on suspension training essentials.


Suspension trainers are great for improving balance and agility. Surprise your abdoman with a wide range of stabilizing exercises and planking positions in the process. Many workouts will target and create a solid midsection without even realizing it – until the morning after..


Every kid loves the playground monkey bars growing up. Swinging from grip to grip, suspending your body weight. Without a clue at the time that you are increasing your foundation for mobility, hand eye co-ordination, and overall strength all while having a blast. The use of a suspension trainer allows you to improve in all these aspects of fitness and
have fun doing so.


If you are ready to give it a shot, check out the most popular suspension training system on the market
TRX Tactical Gym
Looking for a workout on a budget? Check out our DIY suspenion trainer that you can put together yourself
for under $15 bucks!

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