The above picture captures the focus and intensity that must be present from the athlete as well as the coach when it comes to high performance competition.  

This can relate to any type of goal you wish to reach from athletics to business to everyday family life. The difference between situations in your control and those that you are unable to change are sometimes difficult to distinguish. Having the ability to focus on what you can control and letting the others take their path is crucial when it comes to reaching that next level and becoming truly great at something.

Resistance is mans toughest opponent. It comes naturally to the majority of us. Some learn to tame it from a very young age while others may never fully conquer resistance which becomes more and more difficult everyday. Needless to say it is possible to overcome if you are aware of its presence. To organize your thoughts and prioritize their importance is a crucial step in getting things done. Keeping notes and setting small goals sometimes feels like nonsense,

Here is my challenge to you:

Write out 3 small goals that you have been avoiding and would truly like to accomplish in this next month. Be mindful of the resistance and temptations of your cell phone, TV, stress you have over things you cannot influence, etc. Narrow in and get it done!

Please feel free to leave your 3 goals in the comments or message me directly to update me on your progress! And refer to this great guide on developing good habits!

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