Hey guys I’m posting this little rant because I’ve been asked so many times – How do I sustain healthy eating on a daily basis?
Well my answer is simple. I’ve educated myself on making healthy, tasteful meals. I used to be that guy who would just eat healthy in training camps because the only thing I knew how to prepare was either salads with simple vinaigrette or steamed vegetables. My chicken was always cooked dry without seasoning and I thought this was the only way I could eat healthy. How could I sustain this way of eating? It’s impossible – I love food and couldn’t possibly be able to continue eating bland tasteless food the rest of my life,  Now this wouldn’t have been possible if I had not met some great people down this path. I’ve made a choice that eating healthy wasn’t just to the extent of my athletic career but a life long journey of continuous education and having an open mind and evolving with time. I am far from a gourmet chef but what I do to eat healthy for myself is enough that I don’t feel deprived, I challenge you to educated yourself because eating healthy is too important not to!
As some of you are aware, I have new born child name Alexandria. She’s my world and I want to be able to keep up with her for the next 30+ years. I want to be a good role model to her and that is why it has become easy for me to continue my journey of living an active and healthy life after my athletic career is over, I hope this little rant motivated you to take your hiking boots out or take the time to educate yourself on the importance of a healthy life choices, try to avoid basing your health strictly on losing weight or looking at yourself in the mirror. This is a long term commitment that the sooner you make, you will thank yourself. Crash diets are a temporary fix and act as resistance from truly correcting your lifestyle for the better and creating a more energetic future. Thank you for reading and I encourage you to contact me with any questions or feelings you have about this rant. I look forward to hearing from you!
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