Strengthening your shoulders should be about more than just looking good. While it is true having nicely developed shoulders will set off your physique ensuring you look as good as possible; what you need to follow is a proper shoulder training program. An effective training program is a necessity when it comes to preventing injuries as well.

Your shoulder joint is the one joint that can suffer from the highest rate of injuries, so ensuring you are protecting your shoulder joint is a must. A good workout program can do just that.

But, what can you do to ensure you make the most of each workout you complete? Let us go over three form techniques to take into account during your next shoulder workout session…

1. Pinky’s Up. When doing lateral raises, one small adjustment you will want to make to get more from each exercise is placing your pinky slightly higher than your thumb as you raise the weight upwards. This will help to ensure you are effectively targeting your lateral deltoid muscles as well as helping to bring your rear deltoids into play a small degree as well.

This means superior results with each and every rep you do. In addition, also consider using an offset grip, placing your hands slightly closer to the front of the dumbbell then the rear. This also helps work the muscles a little harder.

2. Press Up Through Your Anterior Deltoids. When doing your shoulder press using either a dumbbell or a barbell, one area to really focus on is to push up through your front or anterior deltoid muscles. This will help reduce the total amount of strain you are placing on your triceps and arm muscles during the movement pattern, thus helping yourself see better results.

If you push up using the triceps too much, you will be neglecting the primary muscles you are targeting. Yet, people do this each and every day.

3. Core Tight, Hips Up. Finally, the last tip to help you see better results is to always keep your core tight and your hips up whenever performing any exercise. This is a must to help ensure you are not going to put your lower back at risk for strain and for keeping your entire spinal column in proper alignment. This can help with optimal force generation, allowing you to see the strength gains you are after.

There you have three great tips and to help you with your shoulder training. Remember these as you head into your next workout session.


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