Over the years I have learned the importance of growing as an athlete. Starting out I trained like a barbarian – destroying my body with unstructured MMA training and lifting as much weight as possible without strategically planning my workouts for maximum efficiency. Over training was an under statement to the amount of stress I would put my body through on a regular basis. Would make many aspiring athletes reconsider going back to school after trying my routine hah!

My motivation and intentions were great, but I lacked structure in my training. I sustained ACL, MCL, LCL meniscus herniations and many other injuries that put me on the sidelines for months, even years. I took the old school trial and error method – and what I was doing seemed to be working at the time. So you know what they say: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”     DO NOT get stuck in this way of thinking! There is always room for improvement. Just like medical advancements develop year after year. Imagine if they stopped with the knowledge they have 25 years ago and said good enough… It doesn’t mean these methods were wrong, the issue is not progressing with the times. And don’t get me wrong, there are fundamentals that will stick throughout time like in any field. The trick is to not let ego get the best of us.

That being said, mobility is something that in my opinion needs to be taken more seriously and done religiously. It will reduce the chance of injury, improve range of motion, and prevent compensation. Here is a mobility exercise to add to your routine.

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